Why Is Pure Cacao Nibs Considered Underrated?

When comparing raw cacao is not really raw. It is the purest form of cacao or cocoa powder before it is roasted and processed it into other foods.Cacao and chocolate-lovers will be happy to know that it contains magnesium for your heart and contains a host of B vitamins which boost brain health. Pure cacao is full of antioxidants and nutrients that may improve your health and mood.Cacao beans are available at many grocery and specialty food stores. Cacao beans may also be extracted from their pods and chopped into small pieces or nibs to be used as a replacement for bittersweet chocolate chips. Pure cacao beans do not include much fat.

Without adding sugar, they are extremely bitter. Processing them involves first drying them and cleaning and roasting them to create cacao nibs.The nibs are ground in to a coarse powder. As grinding continues, they begin to melt. The cacao separates from the cacao fat or butter. The dark cacao powder is then added to many food products as it is or melted and poured into molds for chocolate bars and candy. In any form, it add great flavor to our favorite desserts.

Pure Cacao

Pure cacao butter without additives or fragrances is nutrient dense and hard to find. It can be made into white chocolate and is added to moisturizing lotions. Some people use it as shaving cream.Chocolate is a comfort food, providing a burst of sweetness in your mouth. But sweet food is not good for our health or our weight. However, dark chocolate with a high concentration of pure Pure Cacao cacao has just a hint of sweetness without all the ill affects of milk or white chocolate. Adjusting to less sugar and dairy is an overall good eating habit that helps you shed weight and feel better.

This makes foods more easily digestible. Remember that more sugar takes away the health benefits and the addition of dairy stops the absorption of what remains.People have been eating chocolate in one form or another for at least three thousand years. Pure chocolate is a great supply of particular vitamins and minerals which our bodies will need to remain healthier.To get the most health benefits from chocolate, you have to choose right kind and it only needs to be eaten in small amounts.

Cacao Nibs

Add it to your protein shakes, sprinkle it into your recipes, or eat a square of a pure dark chocolate bar. Liquid chocolate can also be used to drip across fruit or stir into yogurt.A company called Cholaca makes a drink made with a high amount of pure cacao nibs too. You can enjoy it by itself or add it as flavoring to other drinks including wine and beer.Find out if your local store has raw cacao powder or bars of more pure forms of dark chocolate to snack on. Experiment a little in the kitchen and learn to appreciate the taste of foods that don’t contain excess sugars.